How can I completely get a 5-year visa exemption?

5-year visa exemption

I would like to talk about my experience of getting a 5-year Vietnam visa exemption, and you can rest assured that the process isn’t too complicated. I think this blog post would help somehow for Vietnamese Diaspora out there who might want to return to this dear native land.

First of all, I want to introduce myself a bit. I’m Adelia Tran, and was born in Vietnam. Then, for some reason related to my family, from the age of 6, I moved to live with my dad and grandparents in America. Every summer and winter break, I had usually used tourist visa service of to visit my mom in Hanoi.

After finishing college in the US, I started working for a private enterprise. But after a few years, I truly desired to go back to my hometown. Partly because I miss my mom, and really want to spend more time with her, the rest is also owing to the fact that the work pressure in the US was quite huge for me, in the meanwhile, from that time to recent years, the working environment in Vietnam has been kind of potential, so I came to a decision: I will come back.

At first, I took getting a Temporary Resident Card into consider. Then, I decided to ask for the best visa options instead of looking for a ton of information on the internet by myself. When I contacted directly to the staff through some hotline calls, they offered the opinion that I did not have a Visa TT, therefore, one of the most suitable would be a 5-year Vietnam visa exemption.

Starting the process of preparing the papers needed, I filled all information online in APPLICATION FORM FOR ISSUANCE/REISSUANCE OF A VISA EXEMPTION CERTIFICATE and print it out. You can find this form in the link below:

After that, I went to my familiar store in New York to take photos in 4x6cm size, with white background, front view, a bare head without sunglasses. Remember to take 02 PHOTOS: one photo to attach on the form and the other separate. Besides, I only needed to prepare a copy of my valid passport, along with Birth Certificate to prove our blood relationship. By the way, friendly reminder that passport must be valid for at least 12 months, but should be 5 years and 6 months for a 5-year visa to be granted.

When completing all preparation process, I brought along both the original and the copy ( of passport & birth certificate) to the Embassy of Vietnam in America so they can check and collate (It locates at Suite 400, 1233 20th St NW, Washington D.C. in case you do not know where is it. From New York you can travel to Washington by train, it might take you around 3hours). The processing time normally lasts 7 business days. I submitted from Monday, and I got the final results the next Tuesday.

This is all my experience of getting a 5-year visa exemption. I happily reunited with my mom and also have a stable job in Vietnam. If your family member is in Vietnam and does not have time to go directly to the Vietnam Immigration Department to apply for a 5-year visa exemption, you can contact a trustworthy travel company like, so they could assist you 😀 good luck!

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